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Romanian Economic and Business Review is an open access journal and its content is offered freely to the reader without any specific barrier.


Statement of Purpose
The Romanian Economic and Business Review is the first peer-reviewed Romanian journal in the field of economics and business. This journal intends to provide a forum for academic analysis of the economic phenomena and institutions affecting the world economy in general, and Romania, in particular. REBE examines a wide variety of phenomena related to economic growth and business development and attempts to publish high quality research focusing on the role of institutions and public policy, within both a national and international context. REBE encourages cross-disciplinary research work of Romanian and foreign scholars.


Author Information

The ROMANIAN ECONOMIC AND BUSINESS REVIEW (REBE) is a refereed journal published four times annually by the Romanian-American University. The editors invite submissions of articles that deal with important issues in economy and business. Papers that focus on specific phenomena and events affecting Romanian economy are particularly encouraged. Because REBE seeks a broad audience, papers should be comprehensible beyond narrow disciplinary bounds.